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From Principal's Desk

This school is a rural area situated school. It has a lavish building and great environmental beauty in and around. It caters to the needs of villages Sarangpur (Chandigarh), Mullanpur (PB), Khuda Lahora (CHD), Mastgarh, Jayanti Devi, Shingari Wala, etc in and around Chandigarh.

School is Under BaLa Concept Project

BaLA (Building as Learning Aid) is aninnovative concept towards qualitative improvement in education, through developing child-friendly, learning and fun based physical environment building in school infrastructure.

Free Meal to Students, Mid Day Meal.

The Mid-day Meal Scheme is the popular name for school meal programme in India. It involves provision of lunch free of cost to school-children on all working days. The key objectives of the programme are: protecting children from classroom hunger, increasing school enrolment and attendance, improved socialisation among children belonging to all castes,

General Rules of the School

In order that each student may enjoy the full benefits of the facilities provided by the school, students have to abide by the conduct rules and regulations. These are mainly designed to secure the welfare of students and are liable to change without notice.